February Meeting

Welcome Back!

NOTE: Presentation Materials are located at the bottom of this page!

We have a HOT speaker (Bob Schuster) with HOT topics (latest news,  IXS,
Linux) coming from COLD Rochester, Minnesota for our February user group meetings!

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September through May.

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Meeting Locations for this meeting:

Date:  2/20/02, Wednesday
Time:  ****Alternate time****  12:30pm coffee and cookies, 1pm presentation
   (time change due to speaker schedule)
Place:  ****Alternate location*****   Grand Rapids Association of Realtors
   (English Hills was not available)

There will be plenty of time for round table discussion hosted by Larry Bolhuis after the presentation.  So remember to bring your technical questions!

Date:  2/21/02, Thursday
Time: 8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  KVCC's M-Tec building

Presentation details:


The iSeries allows you to deploy PC servers without adding the costs of
managing a server farm. Through the Integrated xSeries Server and
Integrated xSeries Adapter for iSeries, you can run Windows 2000 and
Windows NT servers and your iSeries in a single system footprint. These
unique products will help you to consolidate Intel servers and iSeries
systems onto a single server.  Windows servers can then be loaded and run
as though on a standalone PC server. This integration of Windows 2000
inside the iSeries helps reduce the cost and complexity of PC servers as
you run Windows Exchange, personal productivity, and other applications
that complement core business solutions on your iSeries server.  This is a
great session to bring your Windows network administrators to.


IBM is committing more and more resources to working with Linux. This
presentation will talk about IBM's iSeries Linux strategy and how we are
working with customers to deliver Linux solutions. We will also talk about
the Linux distributions that are available for the iSeries and how you can
use Linux today in the iSeries environment.

About our speaker:

Bob Schuster has worked in the computer industry for over 13 years, having
served 11 of those years on the AS/400 Competency Center staff as a
Certified I/T Consultant; where he has supported IBM mid-range systems
(S/36, AS/400, Intelligent Work Stations and Personal Computers).  Bob was
also an IBM Systems Engineer Specialist in PC Connectivity and AS/400 at a
New York City large account banking branch office prior to his time with
the Competency Center.  He has specific skills in Networking, PC
Connectivity, PC Server Environments, (FSIOP, IPCS, INS, ISX, IXA),
iSeries, and AS/400 Server Consolidation.  He also has experience in setup,
installation, and operation of IBM mid-range networking solutions, in
Novell NetWare, OS/2 LAN Server, Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server
environments.  Bob has spoken at numerous Technical Conferences, Seminars,
and User Group Meetings all over the Country, and he participates in
Customer Planning Sessions and Briefings both in Rochester, Minnnesota, and
at customer locations.  Bob was also one of the presenters at the 1997
AS/400 Premier Server Seminar Series, and he participated in the 1998
AS/400 Extreme Roadshow as well.e

Presentation Materials:
iSeries LINUX
iSeries Windows 2000-NT Server Integration with IXA/IXS