September 2002

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Meeting Locations for this meeting:
Date:  9/18/2002, Wednesday
Time:  8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  English Hills

Date:  9/19/02, Thursday
Time: 8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  KVCC's M-Tec building, Room 1420 (Notice Room Change!)

Presentation details:

* Speaker:  John Bizon, IBM iSeriees Technical Specialist, V5R2

* Speaker:  Leo Whitaker, L&L/Jiroch Technical Support Supervisor, Life
                 Without Client Access and PC Connectivity Roundtable

* Roundtable

Enterprise IT Management Made Simple with OS/400 V5R2
V5R2 is available August 30, 2002. The announcement presentation will
cover all of the latest software enhancements with V5R2. Some of the
enhancements include the following.

V5R2 provides integrated and highly flexible workload management options
for rapid deployment of high performance enterprise applications. With
IBM's industry-leading dynamic logical partitioning and breakthrough
storage virtualization technologies, OS/400 V5R2 incorporates flexible
support for consolidation of Linux, Windows, Unix and OS/400 applications.

Innovative self-managed storage virtualization technologies, switched disk
cluster management and extensive Windows server management options
including support for Microsoft Cluster Server help provide mainframe-class
high availability. OS/400 V5R2 incorporates IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries with
adherence to the latest industry SQL standards plus options for multiple
database images to support business unit consolidation.

Providing flexible, secure management of today's e-business infrastructure,
OS/400 V5R2 delivers further self-managing solutions with the industry's
first implementation of Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM). An IBM Project
eLiza initiative, EIM provides single signon and simpler security
administration for muti-tier application environments in heterogeneous

Life Without Client Access and PC Connectivity Roundtable Discussion
Eliminate the need for installation and maintenance of Client Access.
Instead, install a quality TN5250 emulator from a third party such as WRQ,
Hummingbird, or MochaSoft.  CA still drives the PC console.
A second copy of CA may be desired in IT for administrative and hardware
maintenance purposes.
Following Leo's presentation will be a roundtable discussion on iSeries PC
connectivity including:
iSeries Access for Windows (formerly called Client Access Express for
iSeries Access for Web
other products??

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