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Please read on for information on our April 2005 meeting.

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Date: April 22, 2005, Friday,
We normally don't meet on a Friday. Carole Miner is traveling in our area and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to bring her to West Michigan.
Time: 8:30am coffee and rolls, 9am - 2pm presentation, 2-2:30pm roundtable. The start time is 1/2 hour LATER than our normal start time.

Lunch: We will have pizza and pop at English Hills. The price is $7 per person.
              Pay on April 22.

PLEASE RSVP to dhugo@us.ibm.com before APRIL 12 (at the latest APRIL 19).

Place: English Hills Golf Club, 1200 4 Mile Road, Grand Rapids, MI


iSeries Access for Web: a new Browser-Based Alternative!
The iSeries Access Family now includes a browser-based solution called 'iSeries Access for Web'. If you are looking for an easy-to-use product that needs no desktop install or configuration, yet enables users to work with all their iSeries resources, then iSeries Access for Web is that solution! Come to this session to learn how this client can simplify your PC network administration while at the same time offering end user functions customers have come to expect with Client Access products. By the end of this session, attendees will be able to see how 5250 emulation, database and IFS access can be used from a browser, as well as work with printers and print jobs, etc on the server. Attendees will also see how an administrator can set up unique 'front pages' for different groups of users to enter the iSeries giving complete control over what capabilities are provided to a connecting user. For example, you can provide the ability to click on links and start a specific 5250 application, or print invoices from the spool file, or run a predefined database request. You will also learns about all the new capabilities Access for web in delivering in 2004.

Enhance Your 5250 GUI Access with HATS LE
Host Access Transformation Services Limited Edition (HATS LE) is a member of the iSeries Access Family. Come learn how easily you can set up your iSeries server and enable users to access your 5250 applications and OS/400 screens through a very easy-to-use GUI browser interface. You will also learn how HATS LE differs from iSeries Access for Web and the full HATS product. By the end of this session, attendees will be able to: understand the capabilities of HATS LE, see how to use it in an iSeries network, and know what steps to take next in order to start using it.

A Critical Comparison of Refacing Tools
Many iSeries shops are trying to move toward refacing their existing applications.  Moving them to the Web.  Putting them in a GUI.  But while there never seemed to be any tools in the past, now there seem to be so many.  The are confused and bewildered.  Should I use HATS or WebFacing?  Client Access or HATS LE?  Host Integration or Host on Demand?  And that's before they even consider the various partner solutions like Seagull and Jacada and Look Software.  This session will take an objective view of all of these tools side by side and spell out the pros and cons of the tools, helping you boil the list down to the best tool for your situation.

Speaker Carole Miner is a Senior Software Engineer for iSeries Client Integration, IBM Rochester Laboratory. Carole has a strong grounding in programming, planning and leadership including the original PC Support, FSIOP (now called Integrated xSeries Server). Carole’s current focus is client integration technologies and support for iSeries Access products. She is an internationally known technical speaker, author and iSeries authority.

April 2005 Meeting