Welcome Back!

WMSUG - Grand Rapids
Date:  November 15, 2006, Wednesday
Time:  8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  NEW LOCATION -  Grand Rapids Association of Realtors, 660 Kenmoor Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI  49546

We're looking for a new home with reliable/stable internet access and a low cost.  Perhaps, you've had another meeting someplace that would work for us - hotel, library, college/university, etc.  We welcome your input.  
Send Diana Hugo dhugo@us.ibm.com your suggestions.

WMSUG - Kalamazoo (I94UG)
Date:  November 16, 2006, Thursday
Time: 8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  NEW LOCATION - KVCC's M-Tec building, Room 1410, Kalamazoo, MI  See attached mapdirections.pdf

Our regular KVCC meeting location was not available due to their art show.
Plan for construction delays at the I94 and 131 interchange.  The MI DOT website shows construction Oct 2006 - Nov 2009 with the following:
Widen and reconstruct 2.6 miles of I-94 from west of US-131 (Exit 74) to east of Oakland Dr. (Exit 75), replace 7 bridges and reconfigure US-131 interchange. Two lanes of traffic maintained in each direction on I-94; minimum 1 lane of traffic maintained in each direction at all times on US-131 and Oakland Dr. Intermittent ramp detours at US-131.

Reminder:  Please pay your User Group dues.  $60 covers our meeting year of September through May.
Members can attend either or both the GR or Kzoo meetings.
Need an invoice?  Need an address for mailing?  Go to our website and click on Membership.

For our November meetings, join us for two very interesting topics:  PHP on System i and a Technical Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  
We are fortunate to have Leonardo Llames from the IBM Rochester Advanced Technical Support group as our speaker.  

PHP on System i
PHP is the leading scripting language deployed on the internet.  It is now available on i5/OS at no additional charge.  See how it's supported in i5/OS, and see the development environment as designed for the i5/OS environment.  There are several extensions to allow PHP to access traditional i5/OS application resources such as DB2 for i5/OS, traditional programs, & commands.  If internet access is available, live demos will be done.  Sample agenda:
Zend Studio for i5/OS
Zend Core
Access to i5/OS Resources
DB2 for i5/OS
Program Call
Data Area
Data Queue
Message Queue
Zend Platform
System requirements

Technical Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)  
This session describes the concepts and implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as it relates to the iSeries environment.  Topics include retrofitting or re-using existing applications and DB2 data in a Service Component Architecture (SCA), exposing these resources as Web Services, then automating and optimizing the business processes.  Because the iSeries is capable of running multiple operating systems, it is capable of participating in multiple areas within the SOA infrastructure.

Leonardo LLames is a Consulting I/T Specialist with IBM Advanced Technical Support, based in Rochester, MN, and is a Certified I/T Specialist in the area of Application Integration.  He covers application development and deployment technologies on System i (in i5/OS, Linux, AIX), including Java/WebSphere, DB2, XML, Web Services, SOA. pervasive computing, performance, and legacy integration.

November 2006 Meeting