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WMSUG - Grand Rapids:
Date:   March 11, 2009, Wednesday
Time:   8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  English Hills Golf Club, PGA Room, 1200 4 Mile Road, Grand Rapids, MI
*** Note ROOM CHANGE - PGA ROOM - EAST Side of English Hills ***

WMSUG - Kalamazoo (I94UG):
Date:  March 12, 2009, Thursday
Time: 8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation et  
Place:  KVCC's M-Tec building, Room 1410, Kalamazoo, MI
     See attached mapdirections.pdf
             Plan for construction delays at the I94 and 131 interchange.  

Reminder: Please pay your User Group dues.  $60 covers our meeting year of September through May.
Members can attend either or both the GR or Kzoo meetings.
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WMSUG Grand Rapids Topics:  Top 10 OS/400 Security Risks and OS/400 Security Forensics 101
WMSUG Kalamazoo Topics:  Top 10 OS/400 Security Risks and OS/400 Security in a Networked World

The Top Ten OS/400 Security Risks (WMSUG GR and Kzoo)
Too many of the 'accepted practices' on the OS/400 expose our data to unnecessary risk.  This popular session details the top ten system configuration and work management risks that OS/400 systems are exposed to and explains how to reign in the exposures.  The session outlines specific "Bad" security ractices, and provides real-world examples of how to fix them.

OS/400 Forensics 101 (WMSUG GR only)
If you had to reconstruct a crime scene on your IBM i or AS/400, could you?  Would you know where to look?  Are you capturing the right information?  Where would you start?   In this session we will take a methodical look at how to find the needle in the haystack, and how to preserve the chain of evidence in the event that you are involved in a legal matter.  But whether you are using forensics for legal purposes or simply to debug an errant application, the skills learned in this session will be extremely valuable.

OS/400 Security in a Networked World (WMSUG Kzoo only)
As network connections to AS/400 and iSeries systems grow and IBM adds new networking capabilities to OS/400, the usual OS/400 security models are
proving woefully ineffective in protecting our data from these new network protocols.  This 1 +/- hour session will outline the security implications of networking an AS/400 or iSeries machines and give the audience real life examples of security done right and security done wrong. John will also provide the audience with an update on what the hacker community knows about the AS/400, as well as outline ways to protect your system from unwanted network access through such ubiquitous tools as FTP, ODBC, and Client Access.

John Earl is the founder and Director of Security Technology for The PowerTech Group, a Seattle Washington area IBM i security software company.  He has published numerous security related articles and columns for industry magazines, has presented hundreds of iSeries security sessions at industry conferences and user groups all over the world, and is a three time winner of COMMON's Speaker Excellence award.  He is a former Board of Director for COMMON U.S., and currently serves as the Security Subject matter expert for COMMON.             
Mr. Earl has been working with IBM midrange systems since 1980, with particular focus being devoted to the areas of Security and System Management.  He is the chief architect for the PowerTech brand of security products, and is recognized around the world as a leading expert on IBM i security.


John Bradley was contacted by Jim Buck at the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Assosiation and has extended a discount  to other user groups at thier Spring Conference. 
Check it out at :

Jim Buck wrote: Below is the formal rebate offer for user groups:
1.        Install the WMCPA Conference logo on the user group web site with a link to the WMCPA   
          conference page and mention the conference in their monthly emails.
2.        The member registration must be for both days.
3.        Members must register and pay by March 1st 2009.  They must clearly state on the registration
          their user group affiliation.
4.        The rebate will be based on the member rate for a two day attendance ($425.00).
          If the group has 10 - 14 members attend the rebate will be 10% (Example - 10 * (.10 * 425.00) =
          $425.00).  If the group has 15 or more this rebate will be 15% (Example - 15 * (.15 * 425.00)  =
5.        After all conference attendees have registered; we will tally the attendees from each group and cut
          a check to the user group.

March 2009 Meeting