WMSUG May 2024 Meeting

​Announcement for WMSUG & i-94 User Group meeting.

WMSUG will hold a regular meeting on Wednesday May 15th, beginning with a presentation at 8:30AM.

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"How Healthy is your IBM i?" by Steve Bradshaw, Friendly Techie, Rowton IT Solutions Ltd

We all know our favorite system is a tough cookie, it soldiers on day in day out with little support from us but how can you actually tell how healthy it really is?
In this session, we run you through a series of simple ideas that you can take away and try on your system. They will not only help you quickly gauge the current health of your system but also allow you to track changes in behavior and help you to detect changes early and plan your future needs with confidence. In most cases we find that following these simple steps will not only improve the performance of your server but extend it's working life and reduce the need for upgrades.

This month's meeting is being held exclusively via the web!
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About the Presenter:

Steve Bradshaw:
I have worked in the IBM Business Partner world for over thirty years now and despite IBM's best attempts I still love them. ;-) My career started as an RPG developer but for the last twenty years I have specialized in System Design, installation and management.
In 2008 I founded my own company (Rowton) and now I and my team spend my time supporting clients or designing new IT solutions using a combination of Power servers, Intel and storage with a little extra cloud magic where it's needed.

When I'm not looking after my own clients, I help run the UK's largest IBM i User Group the i-UG and also serve on the Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) to help IBM shape the future of IBM i. In 2019, IBM made me an IBM Champion in recognition of the work I have done to help and evangelize the IBM i platform, Happy Days. :-)

I have a love of teaching IBM i and have spent the last ten years volunteering to teach at IBM i events around the world, in more recent times I have been writing technical articles on PowerWire.EU and creating my online webinars. I am a firm believer that the more I teach, the more I learn.

Meeting ends by 10:00AM.
Date / Location 
Date: Wednesday May 15, 2024
Time: 8:30 AM presentation 
Place*** Note - available exclusively via the web *** 

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