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Announcement for WMSUG & i-94 User Group Meeting - Feb 18th  

*** Note: Lunch Hour Meeting *** see note below 

"IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) & Mobile Client"
by Raymond G. Johnson, System i technical consultant, iSolutions Consulting, Inc. 

IBM i Access for Web V7R2M0 brings the IBM i to your iPhone, iPad or a PC browser without ANY IBM i Software whatsoever installed on the PC. Installation is really a snap. 

(details provided)  

Then I want to differentiate the new Mobile client with IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS), a new member of the IBM i Access Product Family (and replacement for IBM i Access for Windows) . It is a Java client that is supported running on multiple Operating Systems like Macintosh, Linux and Windows. 

This session will explore both new products with a focus on the functionality of each product so you can decide what your organization needs. 

Learning Objectives: 
- Understand the difference between Access for Mobile and IBM i Access Client Solutions and the features of each. 

- How to obtain and enable Access for Mobile V7R2M0 on V7R1M0 or V6R1M0. 

- Demonstrate some of my favorite new functions of the IBM i Access Client that are not found in Client Access for Windows. 

- Cheat sheet showing where to find the (amazingly well hidden) ACS client. (See: "ACS Client Cheat Sheet" document in the Sidebar) 

You can join the meeting via the web!
 - https://hthackney.webex.com/hthackney/j.php?MTID=m79437b4ff4af557be290ce3782148bfc 

- Click "Join". 

You can use your telephone to listen to the audio portion of the webinar if it is not available through your computer. 

Long distance charges may apply. Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-479-3208 Access code: 802 867 038 

About the Presenter: 

Ray Johnson is a System i technical consultant, working with IBM System i and its predecessors since 1978. Ray worked for IBM as a Customer Engineer, Product Engineer and System Engineer for 18 years. Ray now provides technical support and training for IBM System i and AS/400 customers. Ray’s services include Operating System installation, updates, management and support as well as security consulting for IBM System i and AS/400 customers. He is a presenter at Common with sessions in client communications and security. 

Roundtable discussion will follow

Date / Location 
Date: Feb 18th, 2015, Wednesday 
Time: 11:15 - Doors open, 11:30 - Food served, 11:45 - Presentation 
Place: The H.T. Hackney Co., 1180 58th Street SW, Wyoming MI, 49509. Ph: 616-261-6656 

*** Note: Lunch Hour Meeting *** 

Pizza will be served!     
            Look for Pepperoni, Deluxe, and Veggie.  
            - No charge for paid members. 
            - All others, please bring exact change... $2.50 / Slice. 

So that plenty will be available, please send an RSVP e-mail message if you are planning to be on-site to:  ProgramDirector@wmsug.net 
RSVP deadline - 11:00am Feb 18.

11:15 - Doors open 
11:30 - Food served 
            (so that you may get settled and prepared in time for the presentation to launch) 
11:45 - Presentation begins 
1:00 - Presentation ends / meeting ends

Directions coming from the South: 
Take US-131 to EXIT 76 (68th street). Turn Left (West) onto 68th street (up and over the 68th Street hill.) Go 0.3 miles to Clyde Park Ave. Turn Right (North) onto Clyde Park. Go 1.1 miles to 58th Street and turn Left (West). Go 0.5 miles. Look for The H.T. Hackney sign on the left. 

Directions coming from the North: 
Take US-131 to EXIT 78 (54th street). Turn Right (West) on 54th street. Go 0.1 miles to Clyde Park Ave, moving into the left turn lane. Turn Left (South) onto Clyde Park. Go 0.6 miles to 58th Street and turn Right (West). Go 0.5 miles. Look for The H.T. Hackney sign on the left. 


Parking is available in front of the building. Enter at the center doors. Members will be directed to the Mulch-Purpose Conference Room. 

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February 2015 Meeting
How to Find IBM Java Client
How to Find IBM Java Client
How To Obtain Access for Mobile
How To Obtain Access for Mobile
Presentation Slides
Presentation Slides