WMSUG June 2018 Meeting
Announcement for WMSUG & i-94 User Group meeting
June 27th - *** Note: Special date *** 

"Leveraging Db2 Web Query to Simplify Security Compliance and Systems Utilization Monitoring" by Doug Mack, DB2 for i Analytics Consultant, IBM Power Systems Lab Services.

Db2 Web Query is a Business Intelligence product for IBM i that simplifies data analysis for business people making business decisions, modernizes Query/400, and provides powerful data driven analysis. What's in it for the Systems Administrator? With IBM's Db2 Web Query based security solution, you could easily monitor over 1000 security attributes across your LPARs/servers and report on exceptions to compliance policy. With the evolving delivery in IBM i of "System Services" it becomes quite easy to build dashboards or reports over various things a Systems Administrator likes to track - like work management, PTFs, journaling and system limits - and this session will show you how you do that! 

If you are not available to join the meeting in person, consider a visit via the web! 
- Go to https://hthackney.webex.com/hthackney/j.php?MTID=mf2ee0fb6aa6957e91b4c7256b3e77d64 
- If prompted to Log in, click: join as a participant
- If prompted for password: power
- Click "Join". 

You can use your telephone to listen to the audio portion of the webinar if it is not available through your computer. Long distance charges may apply. 
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-479-3208  Access code: 805 863 374 

Doug Mack: is a DB2 for i Analytics Consultant in IBM's Power Systems Lab Services organization, employed by IBM in the United States. 

Doug currently leads the Analytics team for the DB2 for i Lab Services team delivering Query/400 modernization, DB2 Web Query, Data Warehouse design, skills transfer, and implementation guidance services worldwide. 

Doug is a regular speaker at customer events including COMMON, IBM Technical Conferences and Executive Briefings, and has written many articles and white papers on the attributes of DB2 for i for analytics. 

You can follow Doug on Twitter @mckdrmoly or via his blog at db2webqueryi@blogspot.com 

Date / Location 
Date:  June 27, 2018  *** Note: Special date *** 
Time:  8 AM coffee and rolls, 8:30 AM presentation 
Place: The H.T. Hackney Co., 1180 58th Street SW, Wyoming MI, 49509. Ph: 616-261-6656 
Meeting Ends at Noon.

Directions coming from the South: 
Take US-131 to EXIT 76 (68th street). Turn Left (West) onto 68th street (up and over the 68th Street hill.) Go 0.3 miles to Clyde Park Ave. Turn Right (North) onto Clyde Park. Go 1.1 miles to 58th Street and turn Left (West). Go 0.5 miles. Look for The H.T. Hackney sign on the left. 

Directions coming from the North: 
Take US-131 to EXIT 78, (54th street), choose the center turn lane. Turn wide Right (West) on 54th street. Go 0.1 miles to Clyde Park Ave, moving into the left turn lane. Turn Left (South) onto Clyde Park. Go 0.6 miles to 58th Street and turn Right (West). Go 0.5 miles. Look for The H.T. Hackney sign on the left. 


Parking is available in front of the building. Enter at the center doors. Members will be directed to the Multi-Purpose Conference Room. 

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