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Two National Conferences are held each year. These five-day events feature more 800 technical, management, and industry-related sessions, with lectures and labs, plus the COMMON Expo, the industry's largest vendor exhibition. More than 3,500 attendees per conference (your industry peers, top IBM executives and major vendors) participate in the ultimate learning experience.

A new Web site provides information about networking and data security for Lotus Domino and Notes professionals. The site,,features four resource areas: a hotlist of bugs and vulnerabilities, security resources such as articles and white papers, a discussion area, and a list of companies that offer commercial security services. The hotlist contains information that system administrators should give immediate attention. The resource list is drawn from many sources and is organized into topics such as SSL, wireless security, and WebSphere. The discussion area lets users pose questions and help each other. Domino consultant Chuck Connell will monitor discussions.                                    
Domino Security
Good site to review after Charlie Masoglia's presentation.  Here are RPG/CGI examples, & utilities to download.....FREE
RPG/CGI Examples
AS/400 Technical Support Web Site.
Internet Base  PTF Management from the following Web site:
           Select the "Fixes and Updates" section.
           Select "Internet PTF Downloads".

The AS400 Round Table from the following Web site:
            Select the "Forums & Discussion" section.
            Select "AS400 Roundtable".

Online Defect Problem Reporting from the following Web site:
            Select "Problem Reporting" section.
            Select "Prob Reporting Facility".

AS/400 Technical
Web Site
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