Past Presentations
October 2017 - Jesse Gorzinski 
Topic: "IBM i and Access to Watson" by Jesse Gorzinski, 

September 2017 - Charles Guarino
"The ABCs of RDi Shortcuts" by Charles Guarino, 

April 2011 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis & Dave Puffer.
TOPIC: Networking (Hubs, Switches, Routers... LANs, VLANs, and WANs)
                     The Physical Layer" 

May 2011 Meeting - John Earl
TOPIC:  Automatic Encryption with V7R1
    Security Challenge – Let’s Break in!" by John Earl

Feb 2011 Meeting - Mike Pavlak
TOPIC: "PHP on IBM i: Getting Started"
                   "PHP101 for IBM i".

Jan 2011 Meeting - Jackie Jansen
TOPIC: "DB2 Web Query Updates"
                   "DB2 Web Query: InfoAssist, the new, exciting query 
                     and report writing tool"

April 2010 Meeting - John Bizon
TOPIC: System i Product Announcement Update.

March 2010 Meeting - Mark Shurr
TOPIC: Intro to XML

February 2010 Meeting - Chris Van Liere & Leo Whitaker
TOPIC:    Part 1 -  "LAN Printing on i5"
Part 2 - "Yes, Your UPS is Interruptible!"

April 2009 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis
TOPIC: Grand Rapids:  CL Enhancements V5R3 through V6R1
                                   Inside the HMC
                   Kalamazoo:      CL Enhancements V5R3 through V6R1
                                          Top 10 Gotchas for Upgrading to V6R1

March 2009 Meeting - John Earl
TOPIC: Grand Rapids:  Top 10 OS/400 Security Risks and OS/400 Security Forensics 101 
                   Kalamazoo:   :  Top 10 OS/400 Security Risks and OS/400 Security in a 
                                          Networked World 

November 2008 Meeting - Allyn Walsh
TOPIC: HMC for POWER systems

October 2008 Meeting - Bob Padzieski
TOPIC: What’s New in Systems Management for Power Systems and IBM i 

September 2008 Meeting - Larry Farmer
TOPIC: PHP for System i: What to do after you say “Hello, world” 

April 2008 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis
TOPIC: Grand Rapids - Clean up your System i Disk (Including the IFS) 
                   Kalamazoo - CL Enhancements V5R3 through V6R1 

February 2008 Meeting - Gordon Larkins 
TOPIC: CGIDEV2 - RPG Programming for Web Browsers

October 2007 Meeting - Richard Schoen, RJS Software Systems 
TOPIC: Introduction to .Net and the iSeries [System i] 

September 2007 Meeting - Kevin Forsythe
TOPIC: SQL Procedures and Functions

February 14 2007 Meeting - Kim Button
Introduction to Java Programming
Introducting the IBM Toolbox for Java 

November 16 2006 Meeting - Leonardo LLames
PHP on System i 
Technical Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)   

September 28 2006 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis, Steve Swett
- EIM - Enterprise Identity Mapping
- Image Catalogs, Virtual Optical Drives and IBMs New Electronic 
Software Delivery Service
- i5 Java Web Application Development with an Open Source Perspective

June 28 2006 Meeting - John Tsang
Topic: IP Telephony on the System i5 

May/June  2006 Meeting - Claus Weiss 
1)   WebSphere Development Studio and WebSphere Development 
     Studio Client a guided tour
2)  Remote System Explorer, introduction to the modern RPG and 
    COBOL Application Development Tools
3) VisualAge RPG, how to build Rich User interface applications with RPG

May 2006 Meeting - Skip Marchesani 
 - All You Need to Know About SQL in Six Hours

April 2005 Meeting - Carole Miner 
Topics: - iSeries Access for Web: a new Browser-Based Alternative!
   - Enhance Your 5250 GUI Access with HATS LE
   - A Critical Comparison of Refacing Tools

February 2005 Meeting - Frank Thomas
Topics: The Path to Tomorrow: Getting to WebSphere Portal on                      the iSeries from a Green Screen Environment.

January 2005 Meeting - Laurie LeBlanc
Topics:   How to Achieve SOX Compliance Faster 

November 2004 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis
Topics:   V5R3 CL Enhancements, They're Here!!!

May 2004 Meeting - Larry Bolhuis, Steve Miedema, John Bizon
Topics:   Leveraging your iSeries Investment using Windows
  Integration and Linux 
     iSeries Announcements

February 2004 Meeting Frank Thomas
Topics:   Updating and Integrating UDB/400

November 2003 Meeting - Doug Worden
Topics:   iSeries Security in an e-business environment

September 2003 Meeting - Larry Milkovic 
Topics:   iSeries Security in an e-business environment

May 2003 Meeting - Glenn Rose
Topics:   iSeries Printing

September 2002 Meeting - John Bizon & Leo Whitaker 
Topics:   V5R2 Announcements &Life without Client Access  

May 2002 Meeting - Leonardo Llames 
Topics:   WebSphere Development Studio

February 2002 Meeting - Bob Schuster
Topics:   IXS/IXA  & LINUX

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