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Please read on for information on our MAY-JUNE 2006 meeting.

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MAY 31 - JUNE 1 2006 MEETING

Date:  May 31, 2006, Wednesday
Time:  8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  English Hills Golf Club, 1200 4 Mile Road, Grand Rapids, MI

Date:  June 1, 2006, Thursday
Time: 8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am presentation
Place:  KVCC's Main Campus (Texas Township Campus), Room 1510, Kalamazoo, MI

Directions: From I94, take Exit 72, go South about 1/2 mile, road curves Right (just around the curve is KVCC),
get in center lane, turn Left at the 1st driveway into KVCC, go to the main entrance (Tower Entrance) that has a concrete tower on the roof,
1510 is the first room on the left.


We have an exciting meeting scheduled with Claus Weis from the IBM Toronto Lab!   All programmers should attend.   We want to learn as much as we can from Claus and are squeezing 3 presentations into a normal 2 presentation time period.

This means we will start on time, take short breaks, and will probably go later than noon.  
We look forward to seeing you!

1)   WebSphere Development Studio and WebSphere Development Studio
      Client a guided tour

In May of 2001, IBM announced a major new Application Development strategy for the iSeries. It involved the packaging of all the traditional tools and compilers together into a single offering, as well as offering new components and functions to make it easier to write new Web based applications or convert existing green screen applications into browser based applications. In 2002, IBM Announced an upgrade to this tool suite to include client tools based on the new Eclipse technology. An advanced Edition of the Client tools was introduced in 2003. Come and hear how WebSphere Development Studio will make the iSeries the best platform for development of any application - traditional or eBusiness. Find out how the comprehensive set of tools in WDS support you through the iSeries Developer Roadmap.

2)  Remote System Explorer, introduction to the modern RPG and COBOL
     Application Development Tools

The Remote Systems Explorer (RSE) is the development environment within WebSphere Development Studio client that allows you to develop RPG and
COBOL applications. This development tool is the 21st century follow-on to the world of SEU, SDA, PDM, etc and even CODE/ 400. All the things that a developer might wish were possible with a green screen are in the RSE and some that you haven't even thought of yet!! Other benefits include
improving programmer productivity and morale, off-loading host development workload and allowing existing applications to be maintained more effectively.

3) VisualAge RPG, how to build Rich User interface applications with RPG

This session offers a guided tour of building a rich client application using RPG.  Attendees get a guided tour of the VisualAge RPG fundamentals.
In this session, you will learn how to:
1. Build the Graphical User Interface using the VARPG GUI designer.
2. Use your RPG skills to build the logic behind the GUI.
3. Access your iSeries data with VARPG.
4. Compile and run the VARPG application on a Windows workstation.

Biography Claus Weiss: is an advisory software consultant with the iSeries Application Development Tools team at the IBM Canada Toronto Laboratory. He has an
Industrial Engineer degree and a Computer Science degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Claus worked as a systems engineer with
IBM Germany and joined the IBM Toronto Laboratory in 1984. He was a developer and teamleader for System/ 38 development tools and has been a member of the Design Control Group for the AS/ 400 development tools. Claus has worked as a planner for iSeries Application Development for the past ten years specializing in Visual Tools. Claus is a frequent speaker at COMMON and other iSeries conferences. Claus is the lead author of the book,
Understanding the IBM WebFacing tool, published by IBM Press and co-author of several IBM Redbooks.

Claus Weiss Visual AD tools, email: weiss@ca.ibm.com
WDSc for iSeries homepage: ibm.com/software/awdtools/iseries
WDSc newsgroup: news://news.software.websphere.studio400 | VARPG
newsgroup: news://news.software.ibm.com/ibm.software.varpg,

May 1-June 31 2006 Meeting
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