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Please read on for information on our May 2006 meeting.

I94UG Reminder:
Please pay your User Group dues. $100 per company or $50 per individual covers our meeting year of September through May.

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We have an EXCITING joint WMSUG and I94UG meeting planned for May 4, Thursday!
Skip Marchesani will present  "All You Need to Know About SQL in Six Hours".

This is a great opportunity for excellent education at a minimal price.
The UG's are absorbing the major costs for this session.  The normal COMMON Early Bird price for this session is $295.  UG members pay $15 per person (box lunch included) - HUGE savings!

If you aren't sure if you are a UG member, confirm your membership with:
       WMSUG:  Contact Jani Ingersoll at jingersoll@bldproducts.com
       I94UG:  Contact Ryan McGregor at ryan.mcgregor@wmich.edu

Non UG companies can join for $60 allowing anyone from that company to attend at $15
per person (box lunch included).
Non UG members can join for $60 allowing you to attend at $15 per person (box lunch included).

Preregistration and prepayment is required using the attached form.
Registration deadline is Friday, April 28.  No refunds.  Seating is limited.

Date:  May 4, Thursday
Time:  8am coffee and rolls, 8:30am - Noon presentation, Noon - 12:30pm lunch break (box lunch provided), 12:30 - 3pm presentation
Place:  Grand Rapids Association of Realtors, 660 Kenmoor Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI  49546

All You Need to Know About SQL in Six Hours
presented by Skip Marchesani

SQL has become the industry standard for moving data between platforms in a network centric computing environment, and working with data in a relational database. In today’s IT environment of mixed hardware and software platforms you have to know SQL to survive. This six-hour seminar will serve as an excellent introduction to SQL on the iSeries and AS/400 for those people that may not be familiar with it, or it will be an excellent review for those that need a refresher course. Via the Internet, Skip Marchesani will use live demonstrations to illustrate SQL concepts and functions.

After attending this seminar, you will have an understanding of SQL basic concepts and theory, and will be able to create and execute simple SQL statements using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, and DROP. You will understand the four groups of SQL statements and how they are used, the various SQL interfaces and what they are used for, and how to embed and compile SQL statements in a high level language program like RPG or Cobol. You will also understand how to use SQL in place of DDS and the native interface to create and manage database objects.

The morning part of this seminar will be spent building a firm SQL foundation. It will start with a discussion of SQL basic theory and terminology, and progress to SQL statement format and structure and the more frequently used SQL statements: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, and DROP. It will show you how to use SQL functions such as MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, COUNT, AS, and Subselect to query and analyze data.
After covering these basics, the seminar will move on to some intermediate level topics. First it will look at the SQL software support that is available in Version 5 of OS/400 and i5/OS so you can understand which part is included with OS/400 and which part is a separate licensed product. Next it will show you the groups of SQL statements used to query and work with data, to define and manage data base objects, and used for miscellaneous functions. The morning will end with a discussion of the various SQL interfaces available on the iSeries and AS/400.

The afternoon part of this seminar will take you on a detailed exploration of some more advanced SQL topics that include: Interactive SQL, the SQL Statement Processor (RUNSQLSTM command), the SQL Script Center in iSeries Navigator, Embedding SQL in a High Level Language program (RPG, COBOL, C), and Dynamic SQL. The seminar will conclude with a detailed discussion of how you can use SQL, in place of DDS and the native interface, to create and manage your database objects.

Skip Marchesani
Skip Marchesani retired from IBM after 25 years and is now a consultant with Custom Systems Corp., an IBM Business Partner. Skip spent much of his IBM career working with the Rochester Development Lab on projects for S/38 and AS/400, and was involved with the development of the AS/400. He was part of the team that taught early AS/400 education to customers and IBM lab sites worldwide.

Skip is recognized as an industry expert on DB2 UDB for iSeries (aka DB2/400) and author of the book 'DB2/400: The New AS/400 Database', he specializes in providing customized education for any area of the iSeries and AS/400, does database design and design reviews, and general iSeries and AS/400 consulting for interested clients. He has been a speaker for user groups, technical conferences, and iSeries and AS/400 audiences around the world. Skip is one of Common's Gold Medal speakers and has received their Distinguished Service Award.

May 2006 Meeting
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